V60 Filter Coffee Polycarbonate Brewer

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Our V60 brewer is made of high quality thermal resistant clear polycarbonate. Its high thermal resistance means that there is maximum heat retention to ensure a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle. The spiral ribs are not only decorative – they also provide more surface area for the expansion of the filter paper and coffee grounds.

Our brewer comes in Size 01 and Size 02 – these correspond roughly to the V60 brewers of the famous Japanese brand H****. Size 01 makes up to 2 cups of coffee and Size 02 makes up to 4 cups of coffee.

While you’re getting a filter coffee brewer, check out our filter paper holders to keep your stacks of filter paper tucked away neatly in a beautiful little container. [Take a look]

It’s also a good idea to get a gooseneck kettle to help regulate your pour and achieve the best brew from our V60 brewer. We haven’t found a good gooseneck kettle that we’re happy to put on sale but we’re on it – keep checking back as we’re expanding our inventory continually!

TLG’s opinion: While it comes down to personal preference, we generally prefer using V60 brewers for lighter roasts with bright floral / fruity notes. Anything beyond medium roasts, and we find that higher pressure extractions (such as espresso) work better. If you like dark, nutty, chocolatey roasts, consider one of our espresso machines to bring out the best flavours!

Product information: V60 filter coffee polycarbonate brewer
Size Options: Size 01 (up to 2 cups) / Size 02 (up to 4 cups)
Temperature Tolerance: -20°C to 150°C

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