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Who We Are

Hey there!

We're a collective of young people living in Singapore who are passionate about making, drinking and experiencing good coffee.

One day, a cafe-owner friend introduced us to the world of Chinese coffee machines, and we were instantly hooked. We realised that we could set up our own little home espresso corners to practice our craft, using tools similar to those used by professionals (not those electronics store coffee machines) from as little as S$400!

Our mission is to share this with the world - join us! :)


An Introduction to Chinese Espresso Machines

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Coffee Accessories

Shop Accessories

Espresso Machines

Coffee Accessories

The TLG Assurance

The Lawful Good is a Singaporean business registered with the Accounting and Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Our contact details may be found here.

If you should ever purchase a defective product from us, we promise to repair, replace or refund your purchase within 6 months of you receiving the product.

This is The TLG Assurance, and is a promise that most (if not all) other sellers on other platforms do not offer. TLG is our passion project, and we treat our customers as we would like to be treated.

The detailed terms and conditions of The TLG Assurance may be found here.