Tamping Mat

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Stop damaging your countertops and tampers by using wet rags as tamping mats! Our silicone tamping mats are lipped so that there will be no damage to the corners and sides of your counters too. They’re also thick, weighted and grippy – when placed flush against the edge of the counter / table and used correctly, they will not slip.

The mats come in 2 colours (black and brown) and 3 designs.

  • “Narrow” mats make for a more compact form factor but require more counter depth.
  • “Broad” mats (we prefer these) give you a bit more room to work with.
  • “Single” mats include one slot for your tamper and a dosing ring
  • “Double” mats include two slots so you can fit a second tamper or a distribution tool.

The slots are approximately 60 mm in diameter, which means they’ll fit your tampers and distribution tools whether you’re using a 51 mm or a 58 mm setup.

Product information: Tamping mat
Material: Silicone
Color Options: Black / Brown
Cleaning: Soap and water

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