Tabletop Knockbox

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It’s black. It’s made of ABS plastic. It’s a knockbox.

We’re not really sure how else to describe a knockbox, except to say that we’ve been using this one and it’s served us well. The knocking rod is made of rubber so it won’t damage your portafilter, and there’s also a rubber ring on the bottom so it’ll stay put.

Size-wise, this will take at least 8 pucks (that’s as many as we’ve done at once) which will do just fine for a home coffee corner but if you’re operating in a high volume environment then you really should look for something larger.

Product information: Tabletop Knockbox
Food grade ABS plastic and rubber
Base 10 x Height (lower) 9.2 x Height (higher) 12.4 x Top 12.7 cm

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