Stainless Steel Coffee Containers

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These stainless steel containers are specially designed for coffee storage. They feature a one-way valve allowing excess gases to escape (helping with degassing) but not enter (preventing oxidation), and also a nifty date indicator so you won't forget when your beans were roasted!

Our containers come in two sizes – the smaller one (800 ml) will hold 250g of beans and the larger one (1500 ml) will hold 500g of beans.

We think that a specialised container for your coffee beans is a great investment. The bags used for selling beans are great for retailing beans in and are air-tight with a one-way valve, but they're notoriously unreliable especially when you're opening and re-sealing them over and over again. All it takes is for your beans to be exposed for a day, and you'll find a precipitous drop in quality.

Product information: Stainless steel coffee containers with one way carbon dioxide release valve
Body Material:
Food grade 302 stainless steel
Volume Options:
1500 ml / 800 ml
Color Options:
Red / Blue / Silver / Gold (1500 ml) and Silver (800 ml)

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