Shot Jugs with Volumetric Measurements

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Our shot jugs are made of high quality lead-free, thermal resistant clear glass and may be used with hot and cold liquids. Every jug is reinforced and thickened, and coupled with the thermal resistance of the material used, may be handled even when contents are hot.

Each jug comes with two spouts so you can pour out the jug whether you’re reading the milliliter or ounce measurements. (We didn’t realise this was the reason until we used it ourselves!)

Volumetric measurements are provided in two commonly used units so you're not fumbling with your phone trying to convert units: Milliliters (ml) and Ounces (Oz).

Members of TLG have been using these shot jugs as our workhorses from day one, and they haven't failed us yet!

Product information: Shot jug with volumetric measurements for coffee, cocktails and other drinks
Volume: 70ml

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