Gemilai CRM3007D (Package with Flat Burr Grinder)

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The Gemilai CRM3007D is our top-range home espresso machine. On top of a good-looking, all-round stainless steel exterior, this machine features a single boiler which will help you create more consistent shots (especially when you’re pulling multiple shots at a go).

With all the features that you would expect of a standard semi-professional espresso machine from conventional brands, you will have everything needed to make espresso and espresso-based drinks at home, and to practise your skills as a barista.

As with all of TLG's espresso machines, you will be getting all the basics for you to get started on your home coffee corner. This package includes a burr grinder (Gemilai CRM9008 or equivalent), metal tamp (picture for illustration only), coffee scoop and a milk foaming jug for latte art.


  • All-round stainless steel exterior
  • Single boiler system which allows for more consistent shots (especially when pulling multiple shots at a go)
  • LCD time indicator which shows brewing time.
  • One-press brewing button which automatically stops extraction after a pre-set amount of time. The pre-set is adjustable from 1 to 30 seconds (press and hold, release at the desired time and future brews will use this amount of time).
  • Analogue pressure gauge with a range of 0 to 20 bars.
  • Italian-made ULKA CEME water pump which brews at between 9 to 15 bars of pressure with a maximum flow of 650 cc / minute.
  • Consistent brew temperature of 92 degrees Celsius.
  • Automatic pre-infusion of approximately 3 seconds at 3 bars of pressure.
  • Standard portafilter size of 58mm (2 notches) holding up to 20g of coffee grounds, compatible with most 58mm E61 groupheads.
  • Cup warmer, 1.7-litre water tank, 416-outlet E61 grouphead creating even brew pressure across the puck surface.

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Product information: Gemilai CRM3007D Espresso Machine (Flat Burr Grinder Bundle)
Color Options: Metallic Silver
Electrical: Plug Type I, 220-240V, 1500W
Dimensions: W310mm x D220mm x H370mm

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