Dosing Cup

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Dosing cups are the best thing that ever happened to home espresso corners. We use the dosing cups for weighing our beans, for catching the ground coffee, for weighing the ground coffee, and for shaking and bumping to reduce clumps. Using the dosing cup means:

  • Less mess from the grinder spray (only mad people grind into portafilters at home)
  • At least one fewer utensil to wash (usually the grounds box – only mad people grind into por… you get the idea)
  • No mess when you’re un-clumping and transferring into the portafilter (say it with us, only mad people…)

These are the dosing cups we use at home as well. They’re lipped so that they “lock” onto your portafilter when you transfer grounds so there’s no leakage (see pictures below if you don't get what we mean) – we like doing a last shake with the dosing cup locked on after inverting the grounds into the portafilter for un-clumping, and nothing escapes. Because they’re meant to lock onto your portafilter, you’ll need to ensure that you’re getting the right size – we stock 51 / 54 / 58 mm dosing cups.

To cater for different tastes and sensibilities, our dosing cups come in shiny stainless steel or in matte black (brushed stainless steel on the side).

We can’t say it enough – our dosing cups made everything so much better. Please, write us after you’ve used them to let us know how they’ve made your life better too. Your messages validate our strong feelings and assure us of our sanity.

Product information: Dosing cup
Color Options: Stainless steel / Matte black
Size Options: 51 / 54 / 58 mm

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