Coffee Scales with Timer (Backlit) (AAA Batteries)

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These scales are perfect for making coffee. They are highly responsive to changes in weight so that you don't overshoot your extractions, and measure in gradations of 0.1 grams which is all you'll need for general coffee-making. The inclusion of a nifty timer will save you the trouble of fumbling your phone to time your brews when you're making off-machine brews (French press, V60, Aeropress, etc.).

One awesome thing about these scales which we love is the backlighting. It may seem like an unnecessary frill, but trust us - once you've used backlit scales, you will wonder why you chose anything else!

Members of TLG have been using these scales as our workhorses from day one, and they haven't failed us yet!

TLG Team: We hear you - we're in the midst of testing some USB-rechargeable coffee scales and will be adding at least one to our inventory in the near future. Check back regularly for new products!

Product information: Coffee Scales with Timer (Backlit) (AAA Batteries)
Color Options: Red / Black
Range: 0.1 g to 3,000 g (0.1 g sensitivity)
Charging: 2 x AAA Batteries

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